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Diamond D Cowgirls Open practice 
The Diamond D Cowgirls Professional drill team is currently open to recruiting
new members for the upcoming rodeo and competition season. If you are 
interested in being apart of the team, now is the time to try out! With a busy
schedule on the books we are looking to expand our team!

We are a Professional and National Championship team but don't worry,
you don't have to be an expert drill rider! If you have the desire, we are happy to
provide you with the instruction and training! Our open practices are designed for
entry level positions to learn about the sport of drill, starting at a slow pace for both 
the horse and rider to easily understand and therefore helping you both to be successful. 

Professional Team members range from ages 16-35 and must provide their own
horse and independentaly be able to transport themselves and horse to rodeos
and events. As we want all members to enjoy this spectacular sport, we do not
expect members to transport other team member's horses. 

Pricing: $100 Annual Dues plus competition fees 

-To future Professional Diamond D Cowgirls and their friends and family: 
There is no smoking, swearing or drinking when in uniform at events, practices
or anytime when wearing the team logo or riding with the team. The Diamond D 
Cowgirls are role models.

We ride for the brand, we represent the brand, and most importantly, we are 
Cowgirls with Class!

Learn more about the team by visiting or check
us out on Facebook!

Tuesday October 23rd 7:30pm

Monroe, GA

Elizabeth Dabney 
Diamond D Cowgirls 

Contact Elizabeth for more information and to confirm your attendance!